About Me

Hello! I’m Stephanie Tolentino, or Steph for short. I have a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (USA) and a BSc in Psychology (Australia). As the website suggests, I have a great interest in cultures and societies, and mental health. Being exposed to different cultures from an early age, I grew curious about the similarities, differences and uniqueness we all share.

This is especially in the area of mental health. Perceptions of mental health and mental health issues vary across cultures and societies. As our environments differ, so do our views and experiences. I’m interested in these cultural differences of mental health and social issues. I enjoy looking into areas like traditions, customs, religion, spiritual practices, myths and folklore, and connecting them to how individuals and communities live and make sense of the world.

My work allows me to combine my interests. I focus towards the areas of mental health and psychosocial work, refugee and migrants, gender, and sexual and gender based violence. I’m particularly interested in the Middle East and Africa regions. I speak intermediate Arabic and I’m working towards that fluency.

This website invites you to journey with me in exploring mental and social issues across cultures. I appreciate your time and interest, and I’m excited to hear from you. I hope you enjoy and benefit from the articles.


Steph Tolentino

I can be reached at steph@oncmh.com