About Me

I am Stephanie Tolentino, or Steph for short.  I am a psychologist and humanitarian in the field of mental health and psychosocial support. As the website suggests, I have a great interest in cultures, mental health and social issues. 

I was around different cultures and societies from a young age. This developed my curiosity about the similarities, differences and uniqueness we all share. I am interested in the cultural differences of mental health and social issues. I enjoy looking into areas like traditions, customs, beliefs, religion and spirituality, myths and folklore, and connecting them to how individuals and communities live and make sense of the world.

My work allows me to combine my interests. I have eight years of work experience across different areas in the field of mental health.


Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS)


Community based MHPSS and protection

MHPSS for refugees and migrants, and marginalized populations

Project management

Monitoring and evaluation

Training and capacity building

Coordination of MHPSS work

Cross cultural psychology

Multicultural counseling


Middle East, Africa, Asia


English, Arabic, Malay


MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (USA)

BSc in Psychology (Australia)

For a detailed CV, please email me.

This website invites you to journey with me in exploring mental health and social issues across cultures. I believe in creating awareness about experiences and topics that are shared by many but are not spoken enough about. I appreciate your time, interest and support.


Steph Tolentino

I can be reached at steph@oncmh.com